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Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

This frosting is deliciously rich, smooth, and packed with chocolaty flavor! It holds its shape very well so you can pipe anything from simple to intricate designs. The perfect frosting for almost any cakes, cupcakes, donuts, fruits, cookies, or tons of other treats!

Mini Cheesecakes

An adorable twist on a classic dessert! Mini cheesecakes are delicious, little, single serving cheesecakes made using a muffin tin. This recipe features an extra thick cookie layer and a creamy and rich cheese filling.

Easy Apple Crumb Cake

Get the flavor of a classic apple pie with less than half of the effort! This apple cake features 3 delicious layers: soft vanilla cake on the bottom, tart apples in the center, and a crunchy crumble on top! And even better, the crumble uses the same base ingredients as the cake!