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Growing Our Blog Traffic: August 2020 Traffic Report

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This is part 2 in a series of posts about our progress with growing our blog traffic. Below, we share the numbers, the method, and the plan for the next month!

Hi, there! Welcome to part 2 of trying to grow the traffic on our food blog: Eats Delightful! Our hope for these reports is that they either give you some ideas for your own blog, or just some plain entertainment.

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    We started this website back in October of 2019, and it’s been one heck of an adventure! I’ve always loved cooking and dreamt of having a career that centered around that love. We love eating, but we also love making food. And we’re hoping Eats Delightful shows you the fun that comes with cooking and baking!

    Here are the numbers for August 2020!

    Blog traffic report for the month of August 2020:

    august 2020 traffic

    August was our best month EVER! I can’t even describe how many emotions I’m feeling right now because we hit over 5000 monthly views!! That’s out-ra-geous! I can’t use enough exclamation marks!!!

    Just like in July, our top post in August was Italian meatballs, with vanilla buttercream frosting coming in as a close second! Traffic really picked up at the end of the month, with August 29th being our best single day for views and visitors.

    august 2020 best day for traffic

    Strategies we started using this month:

    traffic drivers

    Another huge shout out to Pinterest for continuing to be the best traffic driver month after month. Just like I mentioned in the last month’s report, we did decide to focus more on the recipe submission site, foodgawker. It looks like it did help a bit in terms of views!

    I’ve also scaled back focusing on our other social media to pay closer attention to our Pinterest, because it is the most rewarding in terms of traffic. We’re aiming for Pinning at least 10 times a day to keep engagement strong. And that’s a mix between re-pinning our own content and sharing other recipe content!

    We also did spruce up some old posts with better pictures and updated recipe cards. But there are still a lot more left to do!

    Next Month’s Plan:

    I’m trying out some new recipe submission sites I’ve found courtesy of a post by A Saucy Kitchen! I’m not sure if they’ll be as great as foodgawker, but it’s definitely worth a try. I’ll let you all know if any of them help significantly with traffic.

    We recently also just added a Yummly button to our posts, and I’ve heard it can be a huge help in terms of traffic. So we’re also keeping an eye out on that.

    Other than that, three words: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! I’m going to keep spending an unsavory amount of time on Pinterest. Partially because I love the user experience, but also because of how amazing it can be for building your brand!

    We’ll be back next month with another blog traffic report to update you on how everything’s going 🙂 Until then!

    Do you have a blog (food related or otherwise)? Link to it in the comments below! We’d love to check it out!

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