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Growing Our Blog Traffic: July 2020

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This is part 1 in a series of posts about our progress with growing our blog traffic. Below, we share the numbers, the method, and the plan for the next month!

Hi, there! Welcome to part 1 of trying to grow the traffic on our food blog: Eats Delightful! Our hope for these reports is that they either give you some ideas for your own blog, or just some plain entertainment.

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    We started this website back in October of 2019, and it’s been one heck of an adventure! I’ve always loved cooking and dreamt of having a career that centered around that love. We love eating, but we also love making food. And we’re hoping Eats Delightful shows you the fun that comes with cooking and baking!

    This series of posts was inspired by income reports from Pinch of Yum and A Sassy Spoon. We’re trying to see if we can (hopefully) turn Eats Delightful into a full time career. Dream. Come. True. And that starts with these blog traffic reports.

    Can you guess the traffic from our first 3 months of blogging? 598 views and 137 visitors. I would say a large chunk of those views were my mom and dad. And a whole bunch of the other views were probably me checking to make sure the site wasn’t self-destructing.

    first year traffic by month
    June’s traffic is cut off here because of our switch to self-hosting at the end of the month. So the rest of our June traffic shows on a different stats page

    We only told a few close family members about starting Eats Delightful. But we didn’t share this blog with a single friend, co-worker, or neighbor! It was mainly just a side hobby, a creative outlet where we could build connections and share our love for food with new people!

    We wanted to see if we could build this website from the ground up. And this is the first post in a series of posts we’d like to make about trying to grow Eats Delightful’s traffic.

    But, without further ado, here are the numbers for July 2020!

    Blog traffic report for the month of July 2020:

    july 2020 traffic
    The rest of June’s traffic is in this page of stats

    July was the second month in a row that we passed 3000 monthly views! I can’t tell you guys how excited I was to see Eats Delightful pass 3000 views!! That means more than 3000 clicks, and you’re one of them right now! So thank you!

    I’m especially excited about that number because we had quite a few hiccups late June / early July. We decided to move away from our cushy website to a site. We wanted more creative flexibility so we made the jump into a self hosted plan. Terrifying!

    It took some getting used to, but I’m happy to say we’re finally getting the hang of the self-hosted world of blogging.

    Still don’t understand CSS though … probably never will.

    Strategies we started using this month:

    Something we’ve been trying recently is reposting some old posts on social media (namely Pinterest). Pinterest was by far the champ for the month (as it has been for the past months as well). It’s our best traffic driver, and one of the social media platforms that gives us the most engagement.

    I never thought of jazzing up an old post or old pictures and posting them onto social media again. But that’s one main strategy we used this past month, and so far so great!

    Next Month’s Plan:

    For next month, we plan on focusing a bit more on sprucing up old posts (because some some of them are just plain AWKWARD). Then, we’ll resubmit the posts to Google Search Console so it can re-index the pages (hoping to help search engine views increase!)

    Finally, we’re also going to focus on one of my favorite recipe submission sites: foodgawker! I’m hoping to find a few unique recipes to submit there. It’s not only a great help with traffic, but also adding links back to your website on other websites helps with search engines (Google loves blogs that are featured on other sites).

    We’ll be back next month with another blog traffic report to update you on how everything’s going 🙂 Until then!

    Do you have a blog (food related or otherwise)? Link to it in the comments below! We’d love to check it out!

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    2 thoughts on “Growing Our Blog Traffic: July 2020

    1. Fascinating read and congratulations on your excellent results. I’m not too far behind you, having gained approx 2,500 views last month, but I’ve yet to try Pinterest. So that’s the biggest learning curve I’ve taken from this blog. Thanks again for sharing and keep up the great work. Best wishes, Ben

      1. Thank you so much Ben! And a congratulations on your results as well! That’s amazing! Pinterest does take some getting used to, but it’s a really fun platform when you get the hang of it. Thanks for reading, and best wishes for you as well! ?

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