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Growing Our Blog Traffic: September 2020 Traffic Report

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This is part 3 in a series of posts about our progress with growing our blog traffic. Below, we share the numbers, the method, and the plan for the next month!

Hi, there! Welcome to part 3 of trying to grow the traffic on our food blog: Eats Delightful! Our hope for these reports is that they either give you some ideas for your own blog, or just some plain entertainment.

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    We started this website back in October of 2019, and it’s been one heck of an adventure! I’ve always loved cooking and dreamt of having a career that centered around that love. We love eating, but we also love making food. And we’re hoping Eats Delightful shows you the fun that comes with cooking and baking!

    Here are the numbers for September 2020!

    Blog traffic report for the month of September 2020:

    september blog traffic

    I honestly cannot begin to thank you all for tuning in on Eats Delightful! In September, we saw 7461 views. SEVEN. FOUR. SIX. ONE!!

    I’m insanely shocked and over the moon about September’s traffic!

    Just like in July AND August, Italian meatballs was our top post with vanilla buttercream frosting coming in second again!

    september blog traffic best day

    Also a quick point I want to touch on. I hope this helps someone else avoid this same mistake! If you notice in the picture above, September 21 saw a major dip in traffic. That was because Eats Delightful’s SSL certificate expired. So whenever someone tried to come on our website, they got this screen:

    expired ssl certificate

    It even scared me, and IT’S MY OWN WEBSITE! Needless to say, it seems like a lot of potential visitors probably chose the option to go “Back to safety.” And I can’t blame them …

    Moral of the story is: if you have your own website, keep an eye out on when your SSL certificate is set to expire and aim to renew it well ahead of time. Even better is if you can set up an auto renewal so it’s less of a headache!

    Strategies we started using this month:

    Traffic Drivers September

    I CANNOT say enough good things about Pinterest. We’re on almost every major social media platform, but Pinterest has always delivered in terms of traffic and engagement! So if you’re trying to grow a blog as well, I really really recommend honing in on Pinterest. It’s like a goldmine!

    One thing I’ve been trying to do with Pinterest is post and re-post around 15 to 20 times a day. Based on what I’ve read, that’s the sweet spot for a Pinterest posting schedule. It may sound like a lot, but usually I like to share other blogger’s posts (very easy to do), and I usually post around 2 to 3 of our own posts throughout the day.

    Last month, I mentioned we’d be trying out a few different recipe submission websites to build more backlinks (i.e. other websites that link to your website). The submission websites were a bit of a bust. Not one view came from any of the sites I submitted to. Sooo I’m going to be focusing exclusively on foodgawker for the time being.

    Next Month’s Plan:

    We’re in October now, and October, November, and December are the BEST months for food related websites courtesy of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New years. And although this year’s celebrations will probably look a lot different, we’ve still got to eat!

    The plan for the next few months is to post about all of our favorite fall and winter recipes! So lots and lots of comfort food dishes, warm spices, caramel/molasses flavors, soups/stews, and more!

    Since we are entering some of THE most important months for food blogging, we’ll be taking a small pause from the monthly traffic reports to focus on some seasonal recipes we have lined up! But we’ll be back with another blog traffic report to update you on October, November, AND December 🙂 Until then!

    Do you have a blog (food related or otherwise)? Link to it in the comments below! We’d love to check it out!

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