Dairy-Free Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This easy, dairy free smoothie is incredibly refreshing and comes together in 5 minutes or less! Bursting with fresh fruit flavor, it makes a great pick me up for busy mornings.

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Whipped Chocolate Ganache

This light and airy chocolate ganache is one of the easiest frostings you can make! It has a STRONG chocolaty flavor and a cloud like fluffiness.

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What’s the difference between muffins and cupcakes?

Today we are breaking down the difference between muffins and cupcakes in excruciating detail! This full guide on muffins and cupcakes will help you tell the difference between the two!

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Chocolate Lava Cake for Two

Chocolate lava cake is slightly under baked to yield a liquid center that pours out when you cut into it! The center tastes almost like brownie batter, while the outside cake is soft and spongy. It’s perfect for special occasions, or just a regular sweet craving!

Homemade Baklava

Classic baklava is actually a lot easier to make than it looks (it has a few steps involved, so it just needs some patience)! It features crispy layers of phyllo dough, butter, and your choice of nuts. And it’s ALL topped off with a deliciously sticky syrup!

Cheesy Lasagna Rolls

These lasagna rolls look and taste like they just came from an Italian restaurant! They’re ultra saucy, cheesy, and delicious! You can make these rolls with either store-bought sauce or make your own marinara sauce.

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

This frosting is deliciously rich, smooth, and packed with chocolaty flavor! It holds its shape very well so you can pipe anything from simple to intricate designs. The perfect frosting for almost any cakes, cupcakes, donuts, fruits, cookies, or tons of other treats!