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The 7 Greatest Thanksgiving Sides You Should Make This Year

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We’re just a few days away from Thanksgiving, and these sides make amazing additions to any dinner table! These dishes are also perfect for making last minute sides for Thanksgiving, almost all of them taking around 30 minutes to make!

1. Creamy Mashed Potatoes


Of course, a classic side for Thanksgiving! These mashed potatoes are super creamy and smooth, and don’t require many steps to make. Mashed potatoes are also great for picky eaters! Check out the recipe here along with tips for how to avoid gummy mashed potatoes.

2. Soft Dinner Rolls

dinner rolls in baking pan overhead

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    Soft and fluffy yeast dough + butter … Does it need any more of an introduction?? Plus what is Thanksgiving without dinner rolls? This is the only recipe here that takes a bit more time to make, but most of it is inactive AND the rolls are so worth it! Click here for this recipe (which p.s. is great for beginners working with yeast!)

    3. Rolled Buttermilk Biscuits

    rolled buttermilk biscuits stacked side view

    Flaky, buttery, and rich! These biscuits are the first to go on my table. Not even a crumb is left in sight! Biscuits are also the perfect distraction snack if the turkey or chicken is taking its sweet time to finish baking! Click here for this recipe and tips for getting super flaky biscuits.

    4. Garlic Green Beans

    garlic green beans in skillet close up

    Because we need to feel like we’re eating ever so slightly healthy. Even if we’re not because these green beans are topped with a rich and delicious butter and garlic sauce! This recipe takes 4 ingredients (green beans, butter, garlic, salt). Seriously the simplest and quickest side. Get this green beans recipe here.

    5. Braided Garlic Bread


    If you’re looking for a photogenic side, this one has you covered! This braided garlic bread is surprisingly easier to make than it looks, but it’s really a looker. And no worries, we also have a video to cover how to get that beautiful braid! Click here for the braided garlic bread recipe and video.

    6. Garlic Butter Mushrooms

    garlic butter mushrooms in skillet with parsley

    These are my new favorite side. They weren’t on my Thanksgiving table last year, but (pssst) I hear they plan on making an appearance this year. Just saying. Click here for this almost melt-in-your-mouth side recipe!

    7. Five Minute Cucumber Salad


    While butter is maybe my fourth best friend, I’ll admit, we do probably need a recipe to cut through all of the richness packed into Thanksgiving! This light and refreshing cucumber salad is the perfect healthy Thanksgiving side, and only requires 5 minutes to make! Click here for this simple salad recipe (featuring the easiest vinaigrette that can be used on other veggies, too)!

    If you try out any of these recipes, tag me on Instagram @eatsdelightfulblog and use #myeatsaredelightful! I love seeing your creations!

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