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The BEST Baked French Fries

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You can have perfectly crispy and golden French fries without deep frying! These fries taste just as good as the fried version, but they’re 10x easier to make and healthier! There’s a special method to these fries for a crispier and easy to make recipe (more on that below!).

It may be bold of me to say this, but these oven fries taste better than fried French fries! They’re perfectly golden brown and crispy (just like the fried version) but with waaaaaay fewer calories and oil.

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    They’re also MUCH easier to make because you don’t have to stand over your fryer all day making batches! And food just seems to taste better when it’s low effort.

    If you loved our baked chicken parmesan recipe, you’ll know that you don’t need to deep fry to get crispy, crunchy, delicious food.
    * The magic is all in the method *

    oven french fries on baking sheet closeup

    Baked French fries ingredients:

    All you need to make this recipe is:

    Potatoes: a must! Russet potatoes are best because they yield the absolute crispiest fries!
    Oil: just enough to help the fries crisp up without making them greasy!
    Salt: for seasoning. You can also get creative with different herbs and spices like paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning, black pepper, you name it!

    oven french fries dipping in ketchup

    The secret to the best baked French fries is…

    a COLD oven!

    This is the easiest and quickest way to get baked French fries that are crispy on the outside, but fluffy and creamy on the inside. AKA the best French fries!!

    As the oven preheats, it cooks the fries from the inside out. Once it’s preheated, it starts to crisp the potatoes on the outside!

    No need to par-boil the potatoes! No need to switch temperatures mid baking! No need to soak your potatoes!

    This is the easiest, best, and quickest method I’ve found for getting consistently delicious baked fries!

    oven french fries on baking sheet

    Tips for getting the best crispy French fries in the oven:

    Rinse well! Starch = soggy fries, so try to get as much off as you can when you rinse the fries!

    Dry even better! Water also = soggy fries because it causes them to steam (rather than crisp)

    Use neutral flavored oil. Olive oil doesn’t hold up too, too well to the 425°F oven. You’ll need to use a neutral flavored oil so the fries don’t develop an off taste! I used vegetable oil, but you can also use canola, peanut, corn, etc.

    Arrange fries in ONE layer. It’s important to use a baking sheet that can fit all of your fries in a single layer, with virtually no overlap! Overlap means the fries won’t cook, brown, or crisp up evenly. If needed, use 2 smaller baking sheets if they don’t all fit in one large sheet.

    Don’t preheat your oven. See above for why!

    Salt after you bake. Salt draws out moisture, which can cause your fries to steam and soften! Salting after the fries are baked helps avoid this.

    oven french fries on baking sheet overhead

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    The Best Baked French Fries Recipe

    You can have perfectly crispy and golden French fries without deep frying! These fries taste just as good as the fried version, but they're 10x easier to make and healthier! There's a special method to these fries for a crispier and easy to make recipe.
    Prep Time 15 minutes
    Bake Time 15 minutes
    Total Time 30 minutes
    Servings 4 people (approx.)


    • 2 & 1/2 pounds Russet potatoes
    • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    • salt to taste


    • Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. The baking sheet should be large enough to fit a single layer of potatoes. If needed, use 2 smaller baking sheets. Set aside.
    • If you like skin-on French fries, wash the outside of the potatoes well and cut into French fries. If you prefer skin-off, peel and cut your potatoes.
    • Place the fries in a large bowl and wash with cold water to remove as much starch as possible. I like to rinse and drain mine about 3 or 4 times, or until the water runs almost clear. Drain well, then turn your fries onto a large kitchen towel or paper towels. Pat dry.
    • Return the fries to a dry bowl, and toss in vegetable oil to evenly coat. Turn the fries onto the prepared baking sheet(s) and spread into an even layer, with little overlap.
    • Place the fries in the center of your cold oven. Preheat the oven to 425°F (with the fries in the oven). Once it preheats, continue to bake the fries in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until golden brown and crispy. Halfway through the bake time, carefully toss the fries so they brown evenly. Take the fries out of the oven and season with salt to taste.



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